In 1880 the local population in Noordwijk depended on fishing. The then mayor, Pické, thought that Noordwijk had more to offer than just fish. An elegant seaside resort would result in a better catch. In 1883 Pické broke ground on the highest point of the dunes and the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin was opened in 1885.

In 1887 the textile merchant Heinrich Tappenbeck purchased the Badhotel Huis ter Duin with six hectares of land. Trappenbeck's Huis ter Duin mainly aimed at high level guests. Members of the Dutch Royal House and members of the Belgian Royal Family regularly stayed at Huis ter Duin.

The level was retained but competition increased on the coast. In the 1960s the hotel was sold and then resold to a project developer that wanted to demolish the complex. The city council of Noordwijk rejected those plans, after which the hotel came into the hands of the current owner. In 1984 the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin was reopened by Princess Margriet after renovations and an extension.

In January 1990 a large part of the hotel was destroyed by fire. During reconstruction an efficient, imposing and maximally secure hotel was designed that meets the highest standards of guests that visit or stay in the hotel.

Today Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin consists of two parts: the Grand Hotel and the Nouvel Hotel. The Grand Hotel survived the fire in 1990 and has five floors, of which four are equipped with hotel rooms. The Nouvel Hotel sprung up after the fire and consists of 11 floors, of which nine are equipped with hotel rooms.

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